Holiday Trends

Long-Distance Love

2020 has been the year of finding new and inventive ways to keep close to our favorite people, no matter where they are. The holidays will be just the same, but with even more emphasis on creating extra meaningful moments with thoughtful gifts. So, this season lean into the things that’ll put a heartfelt smile on their face: crafted care packages, soothing, self-care essentials or even a personally themed present, like a cooking, crafting, even a cocktail-making kit.

Same games, new styles

Family night games that double as decor? Deal us in. We love these stunning takes on those beloved, classic pastimes.

Cheerful Citrus

Zesty lemons! Cute kumquats! Bold blood oranges! Our favorite seasonal fruits will also add that deliciously perfect pop of sunshiney color to your holiday decor.

Lasting Greetings

This year, step up your holiday card game with one that lasts forever. Made with enduring materials like wood and acrylic, these gorgeous gifts will warm their hearts and mantels for years to come.

Natural Elements

This cozy decor detail features raw wood, dried foliage, and fresh greenery. Add it to your front door via a beautiful wreath, to your staircase within a festive garland, or to your table with textured placemats. We’re all about bringing an extra rustic touch home for the holidays.

Indigo Show

We’ve been wild about tie-dye all year long, so we’re pleased this natural, often earth-friendly design is here to stay. There are so many ways to showcase this striking motif—try a festive tablecloth or a playful pair of socks, to start.

Interesting Insects

Give your holidays the gift of flight. Butterflies, bees, and dragonflies, these winged beauties are one more magical way to help you glide into the season–while giving a sweet nod to mother earth.